Monday, December 8, 2008

Moving on

The month since the election was over has been wonderful. I still have political ads on my Tivo but they are thinning out. During the campaign, I was getting numb to the personal attacks on each of the candidates. I will admit that I engaged in pre-criticism of the candidates based on their predicted performance. It is time for that to stop. The election is over, President-elect Obama will be sworn in a little over a month. The time for all Americans to acknowledge that in a democracy, you will not always get your way. You will be on the loosing side sometimes. Suck it up. If you are a Libertarian, you get used to it.

Whether you supported Obama or a different candidate, now is the time to support our president. I will critique the specific actions taken by President Obama but I will not continue the campaign into his presidency. I have removed anything that could be viewed as anti-Obama from my desk and website. I would encourage all patriots to join me and unite as Americans.

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Brian Dyk said...

You have to love a man who uses his head. I don't agree with all of your political ideals, but I appreciate that you actually think about these things. That makes for a far better democracy.