Monday, November 3, 2008

None of the above

Like most people I know, I am sick of politics. The problem is that I can’t stop reading and talking about it. This presidential run is like a horrific train wreck that although it has taken politics to an all new low, I can’t look away from the carnage. The slogan has warped from “County first” to “Party first.” Obama is no better, there is no “Hope and Change” in his platform, only the same old crap.

Being a registered Libertarian, I normally vote for the sacrificial lamb offered up every four years out of principle. Bob Barr, a former GOP congressman and architect of the Bush drug policy, has proven to be a hypocritical as the other candidates. While decrying his exclusion from the McCain/Obama debate, he has refused to participate in the debate with the other excluded candidates including Nader, McKinney, and Baldwin.

After much thought pondering the lesser of the weasels, I have made up my mind. On Tuesday, I choose none of the above.

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